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The wedding day is like the most important day and we know, it's a bit nerve-racking! It can be hard to find the right photographer when everything needs to be perfect but we are here to make your choice easier. Together with us you don't need to worry about the wedding not turning into that perfect day you have been planning for so long. We are going to photograph everything and capture the most emotional moments on film. Together we are creating your love story.


Why us?

Planning a wedding you already have a million things to think about... So our goal is to make it easy for our clients. We offer complete transparency from booking to delivery so that you know exactly what you will get from the beginning without any nasty surprises. 

Another strength is that we never work alone. We are always in a team of two or more, efficiently sharing the workload between us. That way we can offer you as a client so much more, that for a single photographer would be impossible. Everything to a very reasonable and fair price!

Choosing a photographer is an important decision and we take our job very seriously. We believe our clients deserve the best and to a fair price! 


You only need one price

No one wants complicated pricings, especially not when you planing for a wedding. With us, you don't need to worry about how many photos you gonna get, how to prioritize hours, or what the final price is going to be!


We offer one price that covers everything. So that you can rest assured that you are going to get everything you need, for no more, no less than one price. 


Our videography package is perfect for the person that really wants to capture the soul of the wedding. The package includes two wedding movies! One shorter and more eye-catching highlight video. A stunning video with the best and most beautiful moments of the day. We also provide a longer wedding documentary. A movie that really is a fair representation of your wedding. Capturing all the details and hard work that went into creating this beautiful day as well as all the emotions and most importantly, your love story!

  • 2-3 videographers

  • All-day

  • Drone footage

  • Full speeches

  • love interview/Vows

  • Travel expences included

2 wedding video included

  • Highlight video

  • Wedding documentary



36 000 SEK
Kissing the Bride


A complete photogrpahy package, including everything you will ever need. A full day of shooting with two photographers, hundreds of photos sent digitally as well as physically on a USB stick. The package also include a exclusive photobook, printed photos in a smaller format and a digital slideshow. 

  • 2 photographers

  • All-day

  • digital photos

  • slideshow

  • Printed Photo album

  • Printed photo cards

  • Digital/live meetings

  • Travel expences included

32 000 SEK


A complete package, including everything you will ever want. Combining the best of the two worlds, photo, and film. You will not miss out on anything as everything in the photography and video package is included in this combo! But hey! It's even better as you will be given a 20 % discount of the total price.

  • Video and photography

  • All day

  • 20% discount

  • digital/live meetings

  • Travel expences included

55 000 SEK
Wedding Photo


Made super simple

Schedule a digital meeting now, it is completely free!

The meeting is purely informative, we will give you a short introduction to our services and all the information you need to make a final reservation. It's a way for you to get to know us a little bit better, ask questions and discuss your wedding plans.

Click the button down bellow, fill in your information and we are set!

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