The wedding day is like the most important day and we know, it's a bit nerve-racking! It can be hard to find the right photographer when everything needs to be perfect but we are here to make your choice easier. Together with us you don't need to worry about the wedding not turning into that perfect day you have been planning for so long. We are going to photograph everything and capture the most emotional moments on film. Together we are creating your love story.


Why us?

Our goal is to make the wedding experience much easier for our clients. Planning a wedding you already have a million things to think about. We offer complete packages and the listed price is the final price. We don't charge anything extra and travel expenses are included within Sweden! The fact that we are transparent about our prices and not using any hidden fees can also add to our credibility. 

Our biggest strength is that we never work alone. We are always in a team of two or more, efficiently sharing the workload between us. That way we can offer our clients so much more, that for a single photographer otherwise would be impossible. it is impossible to be at two places at once, but not anymore. Everything to a very reasonable and fair price!

Choosing a photographer is an important decision and for us it is an important task. We take professionality, quality and your assurance as a top priority.


Choose us and we can guarantee an enjoyable and easy journey. 



  • 2-3 videographers

  • full day

  • All speeches + full ceremony

  • intimate love interview

  • Drone

  • teaser video + longer wedding video

  • 2 meetings

  • Travel included 

28 000 SEK


  • 2 photographers

  • Full day

  • Portraiture / First look / and every other moment

  • slideshow

  • 5 Printed photos

  • 2 meetings

  • Travel included 

22 000 SEK



The journey begins by sending us a submission either through e-mail or our contact form. We go through all our submissions regularly and check if we are available on requested days. If everything is good to go, we send you a contract and a time for a meeting, a perfect opportunity for all questions. When all that is done, sign the contract, pay a deposit of 35% of the prize and the booking is complete!


In proximity to the wedding day, it can be good to have another meeting so that we can go through everything in more detail. It's important that we are on the same page on the day of the wedding.


If you hired us for videography it's important that we have some extra time to do a "love interview", think back, and remember how you ended up together in the first place. 

Wedding day

On the day of the wedding, you shouldn't worry too much about us. We will do our job and stay out of the way.


After getting a good night of sleep it's time for us to fill our hard drives and start working. Depending on the size of the wedding and our workload at the moment, the delivery time can vary. We guarantee that everything is ready and shipped within 4 weeks. We send you the invoice together with a shipping confirmation. Complete the payment and our journey has come to an end.  


How many photos do you deliver?

It's a common but tricky question. We don't have a fixed amount of photos delivered and you don't pay any extra for additional photos. The amount of photos will depend on the wedding. We promise plenty of photos and various options to choose from.

How long is the wedding movie

As with the photos, this also depends on the wedding itself. We'll capture everything we need and a little bit more to document your day as good as we can. All the  speeches and the ceremony is also included in the price and delivered in separate videos.

What about extra material?

If you want extra material, more prints or whatever, just ask! We'll see what we can do for you.