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FOto & Video studio

Welcome a brand new photo and video studio. We have built up a set perfect for creative photoshoots and video recordings. The studio equipped with professional lighting, greenscreens and backdrops as well as manikins and a sewing machine for very detailed projects. You will also have access to a lounge and a kitchen when you book our studio. The studio is located close to the city center, in a calm area with easy parking.

Hourly rate


Book the studio, including studio equipment 



It is also possible to rent cameras and camera equipment from us trough the service, Hygglo.

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Technical List

• Godox SL120W x2

• Godox recatungalar softbox x2

• Godox octagon softbox

• Godox Snoot

• Godox barndoors and color filters

• Mulin backdrops, white/black/green

• Neewer 2-1 foldable chromakey background blue/green



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