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THe Golden Parrot
a creative production compny

The Golden Parrot, creative production, is a company located in Uppsala, Sweden. It was founded in 2019 and is working in the field of content creation. The Golden Parrot is primarily focused on mediums such as video, photography, and graphic design. The company is working in a wide range of areas, such as events, marketing, documentaries, creative projects, and organization.  The Golden Parrot offers all clients authentic and high-quality content using the resources available to us. 



Graphic Design

Creative production

Our vision is to produce media that matters. We value original ideas and our goal is to create professional and meaningful content


We produce content and form strategies to connect with your audience. We believe the key to growing and maintaining a successful brand is building a strong connection to customers. 


Creative production studio
a place for everyone

Kungsängsvägen 20 is home to our creative studio in Uppsala. We have multiple rooms for different kinds of production. We are proud owners of Uppsala's first podcast studio, a sound isolated recording room with multiple microphones and styled with tranquility in mind. We also have a dedicated photo and video production studio. 


Here, creativity knows no boundaries, everything is possible.



Kungsängsvägen 20,
75323 Uppsala




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