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The Team.

We are a small team of creative,young, innovators. Our vision is expressiveness and our goal is to inspire and unite. 

Feelings, colors, dreams and ideas are a big part of our creative process.

David Avila

22 year old from Malmö, Sverige. Studied film&media,later freelance photographer and filmmaker. Founded The Golden Parrot as a company 2019. Always looking for new exiting things, and a big dreamer!

Director, Photographer

(film and photo)



Meet The Team

Axel Karlsson

Videography and Edit

21 year old from stockholm, Sverige.

Studied film&media with David Avila for 2 years. Also worked with motion graphics,vfx and animation as a freelancer for a long period. Joined The Golden Parrot 2019 as a filmmaker and editor.

Valentina Suarez

Art and photography


20 year old from Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Studied industrial design in university for 2 years. Experience managing art projects and have a good knowledge in structuring a creative process. Joined The Golden Parrot 2020 with a big eye for fashion and design